Flugsvamp 4.0 - FAQ

The FAQ is updated regularly in connection with us answering frequently asked questions via the support function.

How to buy Bitcoins? - Localcryptos.com KYC is not necessarily a requirement.

Will you accept Monero? - Yes, we have plans to do so shortly.

How do I start a dispute? - Click on the order then on initiate dispute.

When can I start a dispute? - You can only initiate a dispute 48 hours after your order has been marked as shipped.

What happens after I start a dispute? - After you have initiated a dispute, both parties have the opportunity to resolve the dispute themselves, should the parties fail to come to a solution, either party may escalate the matter to Support.

How long does it take before the landfill goes to discharge? - The landfill goes to release seven days after the order is marked as shipped, therefore it is important to initiate any dispute within that time frame.

What is the withdrawal fee? - The withdrawal fee is 4%

Why does it say my deposit address is invalid? - We make use of SegWit addresses, it an improvement over the current blockchain in addition, transactions are cheaper and faster. Some Exchange/wallets have not yet migrated to SegWit, so our deposit addresses may be incorrectly marked as invalid. If your current wallet can't send to SegWit addresses, transfer your bitcoins to a wallet such as PayPal. Electrum and send the Bitcoins from there.

I live in Norway, can I order from Flugsvamp 4.0? - No, it is strictly forbidden to buy Flugsvamp from abroad, the same applies to sales outside Sweden. This is because we protect the safety of all parties including Flugsvamp, in order to avoid any party being targeted by international authorities and/or operations, we must stick solely to a domestic market.

I buy medicines regularly because I am self-medicating, is my money safe if I put a larger amount on the market? - As with any other market, Common Sense is important, one should avoid depositing more money than one plans to spend - Flugsvamp just like any other market is no safe bank to store money in, therefore one should only deposit the amount that one plans to spend in the short term.

As a buyer, can I make a withdrawal? - Yes, as a buyer, you can make withdrawals, this is, among other things, to increase security for users. In the previous version of Flugsvamp, it was obvious that outlets and destination addresses could only be directed to vendors.

Are you the same administrator as the previous version(s) of Flugsvamp? - No, we have no connection whatsoever to previous versions of Flugsvamp. We sympathize with all affected users from previous markets and hope to restore Flugsvamp to the community it once was.

Will a Flugsvamp Forum come up? - - Despite the short time we have been active, we have received many requests for a forum, we will post a forum as soon as possible. We work around the clock with updates and bug fixes, the priority is primarily in the development of the market.

I have lost my password/2FA, can you help me recover my account? - No, unfortunately we cannot recover forgotten passwords or 2FA logins.

Is your question missing above? Ask your question via the support function.

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